Boxford Apple Music Festival

Come join us on Saturday, September 20th for music, food and fun!  Our band will be performing from 11am  for a quick 45 minute set so don't be late!  We will be playing a couple new songs from our upcoming album!  A lot of changes over the past year, I know!  Since the loss of my beloved husband Mark Bowman, guitarist of our band, it was hard to imagine playing again.  I know he would want us to continue so that is what I'm doing!  I'm finishing our half done album "3rd generation" with the help of the infamous Andrew "Hacksaw" Harney of Beverly, Ma.  He certainly has the chops big enough to fill Mark's shoes to finish this album.  The two of us along with a couple new additions on bass and drums will complete this band so we can still call ourselves "Sweet Escape".  Please join us at the festival if you're local and if not please continue to check out our upcoming tracks!  Thanks for listening and for being supportive!  We love you!!